Are you planning a trip to Lijiang & Lugu Lake? We especially craft a classic Lijiang tour itinerary that includes the highlights of Lijiang, and an adventure to Lugu Lake. Lijiang Ancient Town, Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, Tiger Leaping Gorge, Lugu Lake boat cruise, the mighty First Bend of Yangtze River… –- find them all on our private Lijiang our in 6 days.

To create for you extraordinary one-off experiences in Lijiang, every details of the tour can be customized to cater to individual interests from luxury accommodations to best tour guide.

Top things to do:

  • Flee to Lijiang’s ancient towns, wonderful hideaways of China, to experience the idyllic life and Naxi Dongba culture;
  • Ascend Jade Dragon Snow Mountain on a cable car ride for natural wonders and the show of Impression Lijiang;
  • Enjoy a soft adventure to Tiger Leaping Gorge with a short, easy hike, and enjoy spectacular views of Yangtze River and snow mountains;
  • Admire at the peaceful, picturesque Lugu Lake and discover the secrets of matriarchal society by Mosuo family visit.
  • Travel style:  private tour, Chinese minority culture tour, nature tour

    Best time to travel: all year round

    Destinations: Lijiang, Tiger Leaping Gorge, Lugu Lake


    Meals Included: No Meals

    Hello, welcome to Lijiang China! Upon arrival in Lijiang, your private guide of Yunnan Discovery will meet you at the Lijiang Airport and transfer to check in to your hotel in Lijiang Ancient Town.

    After a break, (if time permits) take a guided tour to visit Black Dragon Pool (Jade Spring Park) that supplies water source for the residents in old town. Wander around the lake for beautiful scenery and ancient architecture complex including arch bridges, wooden and pavilions. If it is a bright sunny day, you can catch sight of the reflected Jade Dragon Snow Mountain on the lake. Visit Dongba Museum in the park to learn the thousand-year-old Dongba culture of Lijiang, the most important part of Naxi ethnic culture.

    To have a panoramic picture of Lijiang when the sun sets, your guide will lead you to climb up Lion Hill and get to Wangu Pavilion, right behind the massive Mufu Mansion. What you can see on the mountain top include the rural landscape of Lijiang, the towering peaks and the ancient town flickering as one by one the orange lights are coming on.

    > Plan to fly to Lijiang directly? You can take direct flights to Lijiang from Hong Kong, Singapore, and dozens of domestic cities.

    Meals Included: Breakfast, Lunch

    Today, enjoy a trip from Lijiang Ancient Town to the outskirt. In the morning, drive all the way to Jade Dragon Snow Mountain and reach Ganhaizi (or Dry Sea, at 3050m). Here enjoy the show of Impression Lijiang, themed with Naxi ethnic culture and music, Ancient Tea Horse Road and Mother Nature. The imposing snow-capped peaks constitute the natural backdrop.

    After the show, take Jade Dragon Snow Mountain cableway to reach Spruce Meadow (at 3240m), a large alpine meadow hidden in primitive forest that was touched only by few shepherds in ancient times. Walk around for wild plants and incredible views of millennium glaciers.

    Then down JDSM and drive to visit another two quaint old towns named Baisha and Yuhu. The old towns of Lijiang, Baisha and Shuhe (you’ll visit it tomorrow) are the best-kept in this area.

    As the initial settlement of Naxi nationality in Lijiang, Baisha Ancient Town was the birthplace of the "Mu Family" - the greatest family and the previous governor of Lijiang Kingdom. Today the well-preserved Naxi style buildings and a wealth of cultural monuments can still be found in Baisha, including the Baisha Murals. Baisha Mural is a masterpiece of Chinese mural art and offers a chance to know more about Lijiang Dongba culture and the local religions.

    Later visit the primitive Yuhu Village at the southern foothill of Jade Dragon Snow Mountain. Theearliest inhabitants of Yuhu Village were the deer keepers for the Naxi king. Walk on the rough stony road to find the former home of Dr Joseph Rock, a renowned US naturalist who used to live in Yuhu Village between 1922 and 1949, and devoted his life to study the history of Naxi nationality, Dongba culture and southwest China’s geography. Walk to the Yuhu Lake (Jade Lake), an ancient artificial lake that connects lush grassland, snow peaks and the clean sky.

    Transfer back to hotel and relax.

    Meals Included: Breakfast, Lunch

    After breakfast at hotel, go on an excursion to the Tiger Leaping Gorge. Firstly, see the first bend of Yangtze River. Yangtze River dash down from the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau to Yunnan, and suddenly turn towards northwest in Shigu Town, creating the spectacular scenery you’re staring at today.

    Then visit Tiger Leaping Gorge. Wedged between Jade Dragon Snow Mountain and Haba Snow Mountain, it is one of the world’s longest, deepest and narrowest gorges, and with breathtaking scenery, thus ideal for trekking. Your guide will lead you to go down 400 stone steps and enjoy one hour hiking along TLG gorge.

    After lunch, transfer to visit Shuhe Ancient Town, one of the best-preserved towns on Tea Horse Road. Its traditional Naxi dwelling houses and historic structures are surrounded by crisscrossed rural farmlands and limpid rivers. Visit Longquan Village at the heart of Shuhe to glimpse Chinese farming culture, history of ancient Tea Horse trade route and Yunnan’s ecological culture.

    Drive back to Lijiang Ancient Town and relax.

    > Do you love hiking and desire to explore more of the TLG? We can tailor make for you guided Tiger Leaping Gorge hiking trips in 2 days or 3 days.

    Meals Included: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

    Check out from Lijiang hotel and set off for Lugu Lake. Drive for around 6 hours on the beautiful mountainous road and get to Lugu Lake viewing platform for a panorama of the whole lake. Azure skies, jewel-like lake, the surround green vegetation and tranquil Lige Peninsula togetherconstitute a beautiful landscape painting – therefore it is the best place for photographers to take pictures of Lugu Lake.

    Arrive at lakeside Daluoshui Village (where your accommodation is located), that connects the pristine Lugu Lake area with the relatively bustling Lijiang. It is the biggest Mosuo village nearby Lugu Lake and also the “commercial center”. Here the long-standing matriarchal society still exists. Your guide will lead you to visit an original Mosuo family. Chat with the friendly hosts to understand the mysterious male-leaving marriage (or walking marriage) culture. And also know more about the Mosuo traditions and their lifestyle in a matriarchal society.

    After dinner, join the locals at a fun-filled campfire party, which traditionally offered an importance chance for the young adult boys and girls to find their beloved ones, and soon started a walking marriage. Enjoy a pleasant evening and get a taste of the local party atmosphere by happily singing and dancing.

    Meals Included: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

    After breakfast, drive for 1 hour from Lugu Lake to Zhamei Temple in Yongning Village. Built in 1556, it is the largest Lama temple in Lugu Lake area, for Mosuo and Pumi people. The architecture of the temple, with its golden peak, painted walls and an architectural complex of living Buddha halls, is magnificent. When the dharma assembly (Sun Buddha and offering sacrifice to the Sun God) is held, hundreds of lamas dressed in kasaya with yellow cockscombs conduct the grand ceremony, with a series of traditional performances.

    Take a 1.5 hour Lugu Lake boat cruise, with a visit of Liwubi Island, Lige Peninsula –  best places to visit in Lugu Lake. A remote, sparsely populated region, Lugu Lake is one of China’s best preserved places with perfect natural ecology and very little man-made destruction. Free from pollution, the lugu lake water is crystal clear, dotted with some flowers of algae. Enjoy yourself the moments of relaxation and serenity, and see the mighty Gemu Goddess Mountain in a distance.

    Afterwards, have a brisk stroll around Lige Peninsula, linked with the land with a 2-meter-wide path. Enjoy more of the views of Lugu Lake and local customs.The rest of the day is free at leisure.

    Meals Included: Breakfast

    Your cultural Lijiang & Lugu Lake tour ends. Your private guide and driver will escort you to Ninglang Luguhu Airport for your flight to Kunming or Chengdu and continue your tour in China.

    What's included

    • One-on-one travel counseling service with fully tailor-made itinerary
    • Private English-speaking guide, native-born or with years of local life experience
    • Reservations of domestic flights and trains as listed on your itinerary
    • Private driver, with comfortable, air-conditioned vehicle
    • Entry tickets to all attractions on your itinerary
    • Private transfers to airport/hotels/attractions
    • Handpicked accommodations to meet your needs, with daily breakfast
    • Lunch and dinner arranged at local restaurants, for taste of Yunnan
    • International flight tickets or train tickets
    • China Visa (but we can send you the invitation letter to help you apply China visa)
    • Tips for guides, escort, drives, bellman
    • Personal expenses

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