Yunnan Photography Tours

As Yunnan natives, we believe that Yunnan is the most colorful region in China. As a matter of fact, Yunnan is one of the most ethnically, architecturally, biologically, topographically and climatically diverse destination in China. Yunnan's astounding variety has something to offer each photography lover; no matter you are interested in landscape photography or culture photography.

We can organize a photographic visit to must-visit spots including Kunming Stone Forest, Lijiang Ancient Towns, Yuanyang rice terraced fields, Dongchuan Red Land, Luoping canola flower fields, and other hidden wildness like Shambhala, Dashanbao Black-necked Crane Nature Reserve, Zhaotong Doushaguan Pass, etc.

Except for the sensational views of varied natural sceneries, you will also experience the rich culture of Yunnan by walking into ethnic villages of former kingdoms. Each ethnic minority has its own language (some even with its own characters), costumes, architecture style, customs, and cooking flavors.

Yunnan is an exotic land very different from other parts from China, and so much to offer. We are specialized in customizing unique tour package to meet varied photographic interests and special requirements.

Yunnan Photo Tours Are Designed by Award-winning Photographer

All of our photo tours of Yunnan are designed by Mr. Qiu Feng, an art teacher and a member of China Photographers Association. His award-winning images can be found at Chinese photography magazines and journals, such as Chinese National Geography, Photo China, China Photography and Cultural Geography.

Mr. Qiu Feng was born and raised in Zhaotong, Northeast Yunnan. Every year, he spends several months shooting in Yunnan, Sichuan and other places of wild Southwest China for the great colored lands of light and shadow. But what really interest him are the incredible timeless traditions and unsophisticated faces of the tribal people living in the remote mountains.

You're encouraged to contact us to create your own Yunnan photo tour.

Yunnan Photography Tour Guides

Yunnan Discovery offers photo tours and guides in Yunnan. Although we're not professional photographers, we're local natives and expert guides, who know exactly what and where to shoot, with great passion to show you around our hometown. If led by our guides, your opportunities for photography are endless - shooting portraits of remote tribes, the arched bridge and theater stage at the old towns, the magnificent landscape of rice terraces by sunset...

Suggested Photography Tours of Yunnan

Yuanyang Rice Terraces Photography Tour
5 days
Yuanyang Rice Terraces Photography Tour

Travel photography tour from Kunming to Yuanyang and Jianshui, to discover incredible terraced landscape, ancient history and ethnic lifestyel.

  • Yuanyang Rice Terraced Fields - UNESCO World Heritage site.
  • Jianshui Ancient Town - Museum of Ancient Buildings.
  • Kunming Stone Forest - Natural wonder of karst landscape.
  • Insight into China's diverse ethnic groups.
Yunnan Photo Expedition to Dongchuan & Dashanbao
8 days
Yunnan Photo Expedition to Dongchuan & Dashanbao

Exclusive landscape and wildwife photo tour with cultural discovery to lesser-known photographic gems of Northeast Yunnan.

  • Photograph sunrise and sunset of Dongchuan red lands.
  • Tourist highlights of Dali, Lijiang, and Shangri-La.
  • Experience different ethnic cultures and lifestyles of Bai, Naxi and Tibetan people.
  • Lost in Shaxi Ancient Town over the age of 2000, and trace the Ancient Tea Horse Road sites.
Luoping Canola Flower Photo Tour
3 days
Spring Yunnan Photo Tour to Luoping

Make the most of this spring season by taking a flower photography tour to Luoping of Yunnan, a flower wonderland.

  • Best place to photograph canola flower farms in China.
  • Superlative ancient karst formations of UNESCO-listed Stone Forest.
  • Nine Dragon Waterfalls - one of the most beautiful waterfalls in China.
  • Leisure tour to emerald-green Duoyi River on bamboo raft with beautiful waterfalls.

Yunnan Photo Tours FAQs

You don't have to be. Yunnan Discovery's photo tours are suitable for cameramen of all levels, no matter you're a pro or a beginner. We offer only private tours in Yunnan, which means we can customize the trip for your personal photography needs and interest, and will make sure you can take truly amazing photos.

Your contact of Yunnan Discovery will discuss and craft your Yunnan photo tour, based on your personal requirements. In this way, we will have a rough schedule for each day. Nevertheless, your guide will accommodate to your photography needs and be very flexible to adjust the itinerary due to weather conditions. So you can always discuss with your guide if you have certain photography ideas.

Absolutely. Weather matters a lot for a photography tour, especially for landscape and nature photography. We will discuss with you and make suggestions about the best time for the tour, after you have chosen your desired places and locations.

Not a must. According to our experience, even if you bring only with your phone, you can also capture awesome shots. What really matters are the sites, locations, people and weather. And sometimes you also need a bit of luck.

Yes. You will take a Yunnan photo tour package that includes meals. Normally we include only breakfast and lunch (local foods), so that you can have more choices for dinner time. But at some remote places, local dinner meals will be also included.

Firstly, the tour itineraries are devised by Chinese award-winning photographer Mr. Qiu Feng.

Secondly, the tours are led by native Yunnan guides, with rich experience of leading photography tours.

Thirdly, you will learn and have real life experience. Apart from advancing your photography skills and capturing great shots, you will see the real Yunnan, taste local foods, visit local communities, villages, chat and interact with local people at their homes. Never miss to take portraits of Yunnan's diverse tribal people, who are dressed in traditional outfits.

Can't find a question you wanted? Contact Us for your privilege question.