Kunming to Dali High Speed Train

It is getting easier and less expensive to travel from Kunming to Dali, all thanks to the super fast high speed train. And passengers should be noted that the conventional trains between Kunming to Dali have been canceled.

Currently, there are over 30 high speed trains running between Kunming and Dali daily. So it leaves around every half an hour. Regarding the speed, the Kunming-Dali high speed train takes 2 hours or so to finish the distance of 328 km (204 mi) and get to the destination. First class seat and second class seat are available.

Kunming-Dali High Speed Train Facts:

Opening date: July 1st, 2018

Travel time: 1h52min to 2h20min

Distance: 328 km (204 mi)

Top speed: 250 km/h (155 mph)

Departure City: Kunming

Arrival City: Dali

Earliest Departure time from Kunming: 07:22

Latest Departure time from Kunming: 21:43

Kunming - Dali High Speed Train Seats & Fares (Full Price)

First Class Seat
Second Class Seat
Standing Ticket
CNY 231
CNY 145
CNY 145

Kunming to Dali High Speed Train Schedule

Train NumberDepartureArrivalDuration
D865207:22 09:14 1h52m
D865607:35 09:37 2h02m
D866008:12 10:10 1h58m
D866408:44 10:50 2h06m
D866809:05 11:19 2h14m
D867209:22 11:31 2h09m
D867609:37 11:51 2h14m
D868009:55 12:04 2h09m
D868410:06 12:22 2h16m
D868810:27 12:35 2h08m
D869210:42 12:57 2h15m
D869611:15 13:24 2h09m
D910611:49 14:16 2h27m
D392612:01 14:03 2h02m
D870212:12 14:27 2h15m
D911012:38 15:38 3h
D412012:57 15:05 2h08m
D870613:12 15:27 2h15m
D871013:57 15:49 1h52m
D393415:18 17:26 2h08m
D393815:51 17:53 2h02m
D871416:02 18:10 2h08m
D380216:14 18:22 2h08m
D871816:27 18:42 2h15m
D393016:38 18:52 2h14m
D872216:49 19:04 2h15m
D872617:12 19:33 2h21m
D395217:54 20:02 2h08m
D873419:12 21:33 2h21m
D911419:45 22:00 2h15m
D873819:55 22:10 2h15m
D874221:43 23:35 1h52m

Dali to Kunming High Speed Train Schedule

Train NumberDepartureArrivalDuration
D910407:25 10:17 2h52m
D865407:42 09:34 1h52m
D865807:54 10:02 2h08m
D396808:24 10:32 2h08m
D866208:53 11:07 2h14m
D910809:15 11:29 2h14m
D395409:42 11:56 2h14m
D384410:00 12:15 2h15m
D866610:36 12:50 2h14m
D385211:12 13:31 2h19m
D393211:40 13:48 2h08m
D385611:55 14:01 2h06m
D394012:12 14:27 2h15m
D393612:25 14:39 2h14m
D867012:48 14:56 2h08m
D867413:05 15:13 2h08m
D867813:35 15:27 1h52m
D868213:56 16:05 2h09m
D392814:30 16:32 2h02m
D868614:48 17:08 2h20m
D911215:10 17:52 2h42m
D412215:30 17:38 2h08m
D869015:50 18:05 2h15m
D911616:10 18:25 2h15m
D869816:52 18:44 1h52m
D869417:46 19:54 2h08m
D870418:15 20:23 2h08m
D870818:32 20:34 2h02m
D871218:55 20:47 1h52m
D871619:06 21:15 2h09m
D872019:15 21:30 2h15m
D872419:31 21:41 2h10m
D872819:54 21:52 1h58m
D873220:06 22:08 2h02m
D873620:23 22:25 2h02m
D874020:35 22:37 2h02m
D874821:10 23:02 1h52m

Kunming-Dali High Speed Train FAQs:

1. How many stops for the high speed train from Kunming to Dali? What are the stations?

Kunming-Dali High Speed Rail traverses Kunming, Chuxiong and Dali. So the train is scheduled to stop at Kunming South Railway Station, Kunming Railway Station, Lufeng South Railway Station, Guangdong North Railway Station, Chuxiong Railway Station, Yunnan Yi Railway Station, Nanhua Railway Station, Xiangyun Railway Station and Dali Railway Station.

However, the trains don’t stop at every listed station. And the fast bullet trains stop only in Kunming and Dali.

2. Are there business class seats on Kunming-Dali High Speed Train?

Currently, there is not VIP business class seats available on that train, but possibly to be added in the future.

With a business class seat, passengers can sit, recline, and lie completely flat, sleep with quilt and disposable slippers, and enjoy a more comfortable train journey with better service.

3. Which train station in Kunming can I take the high speed train from Kunming to Dali?

There are two options – you can take the train either from Kunming Railway Station or Kunming South Railway Station. The price varies a little bit.

Kunming Railway Station Address: No. 1, Beijing Road, Guandu District, Kunming

How to get there: take Subway No.1, or any of the over 40 city buses

Kunming South Railway Station Address: West of the foot of White Dragon Pool Mountain, Wujiaying Street, Chenggong district, Kunming

How to get there: take Kunming Rail Transit Line 1 Chenggong Branch (operated between 06:28 and 23:21)

4. How to get to Dali Old Town from Dali Railway Station?

Xiaguan, where the Dali Railway Station is located, is approximately 30km (18.6miles) away from the Ancient Town of Dali. You can take City Bus No.8 or Chengshengi and Three Pagodas Special Line from Dali Railway Station to the old town. The duration for the bus ride is 45 minutes to 1 hour.

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