Kunming to Dali High Speed Train to Be Launched in July

Are you planning a Yunnan tour from Kunming to Dali, and would like to travel by bullet train instead of by plane? Here's good news for you - Kunming to Dali high speed train is scheduled to be launched by the end of the year, or even earlier, in July.

On February 7, 2018, a China Railway Kunming Bureau Group Co. LTD news release said that after 5 years of hard efforts, the 10.22-km Xianghe (Peace) Tunnel, a crucial part of Guangtong to Dali high speed railway, had been completely successfully.

The news also said that the transfixion of the tunnel provided a guarantee for the opening of Kunming to Dali high speed train in July. At that time, the train travel time between Kunming and Dali will be shortened from 6 hours to 2 hours.

Kunming to Dali high speed train will run at 200km/h (124mi/h)

Two of the best places to visit in Yunnan, Kunming and Dali are approximately 350km (217mi) apart. Conventionally travelers can take flight, bus or regular train (including overnight train) from Kunming to Dali, but the opening of the new bullet train will make the Kunming to Dali trip much easier and also cheaper.

Half of the new railway (of national grade one double-line electrified railway) is composed of tunnels and bridges, yet the bullet train is estimated to run at up to 200 kilometers per hour (124mph).

So do you plan to travel to Dali by bullet train now?

Kunming - DaliTravel TimeFull Fares (CNY)
Kunming to Dali by high speed train2 hours To be advised (The ticket price is estimated at 150)
Kunming to Dali by regular train6 hours (the shortest time) 105.5 (hard sleeper)
Kunming to Dali by busAround 5 hours 110
Kunming to Dali by flight1 hour (but you are suggested to arrive the airport 2 hours ahead) 1270, plus 50 for tax

Discover the highlights of Yunnan by Kunming-Dali bullet train

Travel from Kunming to Dali by high speed train, visitors can see some of the best natural wonders in the world and venture to the kingdom of ethnic minorities. The top things to do include Yunnan Stone Forest, Dali Ancient Town, Shaxi Ancient Town, Xizhou Ancient Town, Zhoucheng Village, Cangshan Mountain, Erhai Lake, and the magnificent Buddhist art grottos on Shibaoshan Mountain.

Kunming-Dali HSR facilitates China's high-speed Rail Growth and make Yunnan tour easier

Yunnan was one of the first provinces in China that railway was built, though, it is now one of the last places that is connected by high speed rail, mainly because of its varied terrain of numerous big mountains and rivers. With the opening of Kunming-Dali high speed rail, Yunnan's high-speed railway is further expanded and is expected to reach 1,200 kilometers in the next five years. Meanwhile China's high-speed rail network is even bigger and more perfect.

The new high speed railway will benefit the residents and travelers a lot, and make Yunnan tour much easier. After visitors take the fast trains to Kunming from Shanghai, Chengdu, Guilin, Guiyang, even from Chongqing (by Chongqing-Kunming high speed train, which is under construction), they can barrel directly to Dali.

Check out the Kunming-Dali high speed train schedule and price.

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