About Us

Our Story

To travel around the world and experience new things everyday was one of my wildest dreams when I was a little child. And then I grow up, and I was able to travel and have visited many wonderful places with authentic adventures. So suddenly I dream a bigger dream, to help other travelers, who desire a more authentic experience rather than being a simple tourist, to discover the sheer beauty of Yunnan, my beloved hometown.

Therefore I chose to be a tour guide of Yunnan, Tibet, Sichuan and other China destinations for more than 10 years and another 10 years to be a travel consultant to share my experience and local knowledge to every single traveler, aiming to craft him/her a unique once-in-a-life-time Yunnan tour and other parts of China tours.

In the same spirit, with a group of like-minded people, travel experts in Yunnan and China, I launched Yunnan Discovery for you to see in the real China and real Yunnan.

See you in Yunnan - this is the land in your dream!

Our Philosophy

Discover the highlights of Yunnan China, with real life experiences and new learning opportunities, go on the off the beaten paths to seek hidden gems and secrets, and make your travel also benefit poor local communities in Yunnan.

Our Services

You'll get 24/7 service from Yunnan Discovery with an 1-to-1 Yunnan based expert, who will fully consider your interests, travel style and other requirements, and insist you in a personalized, tailor-made tour to Yunnan China.

Our Trip Styles

We offer all-inclusive private Yunnan tours, with upmost flexibilities. You will travel with your private driver and local guides of Yunnan. All tours are well designed, with tailor-made, exclusive tour itinerary, to cater for a diverse range of travelers.

Why Travel with Yunnan Discovery – Personalized & Authentic Experience

1. Local travel experts with 20+ years of domain experience
  • All members of Yunnan Discovery, including guides, drivers, and travel consultants are locals of your destination and know the country back and front, with a fountain of knowledge about travel and adventure.
  • We also have branch offices in Guilin, and colleagues working in Hong Kong, Japan and Netherlands.
  • We arrange you the most professional, friendly local guides, as well as hand-picked accommodations, restaurants, immersive activities and sights to meet your interests.
  • We are committed to offering our clients best tour experiences in this magic land.
  • 2. 100% tailor-made and exclusive tour itinerary
  • All of our sample tour itineraries are EXCLUSIVE, but still can be customized according to your requirements.
  • By listening and combining your ideas, we help create unique Yunnan journeys your way, especially for travelers who really mean to see a real local place and meet local people rather than just shoot a photo there.
  • 3. Distinctive experience in Yunnan and other parts of China
  • Yunnan and its neighboring provinces, including Tibet, Sichuan and Guangxi are the world's best-kept secrets. Your local experts of Yunnan Discovery will help you create distinctive real life experiences in these destinations.
  • Learn Chinese culture (including dozens of ethnic minority cultures) by visiting the quaint ancient towns, primitive villages, traditional markets, tasting authentic local foods, and joining the local festivals and activities.
  • You can choose to get out of a vehicle, and explore the amazing nature of Yunnan China on foot and by two wheels. We offer a wide variety of tour itinerates of Yunnan hiking, trekking, and biking, as well as Yunnan train tours.
  • 4. No shopping tours

    Under no circumstances does any member of Yunnan Discovery undertake any forced shopping practices or any compulsory alternative programs. Travel with Yunnan Discovery, you have no worries but only enjoyable and unforgettable experiences.

    Our Team

    Meet with our people behind the move.

    Simon Yi

    Director Manager


    Sales Manager

    Alvin Chai

    Marketing Manager

    Yuliang Tang

    Tour Guide Leader

    Qiu Feng

    Award-winning Photographer